Chickens, Waterfowl, Guineafowl, Turkeys, Quail, and all others!

Keep them, breed them and enjoy them!

Poultry Directory

Free listings on the BYP Directory for poultry breeders, poultry clubs, poultry suppliers or providers of any service of interest to the poultry community.

Poultry Forum

Join the Backyard Poultry community.  The forum has members from the exhibition and backyard poultry fraternity across Australia, New Zealand and globally.  Ask questions, contribute information and support other poultry keepers in their passion.  Free membership and all welcome.

Backyard Poultry Resource Centre

Backyard Poultry homesite – bookmark it!  This is the premiere poultry resource website in Australia.  It incorporates forum, wiki, gallery, calendar, breed photos and anything else needed by the serious poultry enthusiast.

Poultry Events Calendar

Keep up-to-date with poultry events across Australia.  Check on the BYP calendar.  Submit items to the calendar for free through the forum Gatherings area.

Get Involved - It's More Than Just a Hobby!

Backyard and Exhibition Poultry in Australia is strong and increasing in popularity.  Clubs operate all around Australia hosting shows and supporting hobbyists, breeders and exhibitors in their passion for poultry.  Find your local poultry club and help support the growing poultry movement, keeping and preserving purebreeds for the future.

An Australian Poultry Forum
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