The Reproductive System of the Chicken – Dr Kathryn Loughlin

Lawnton Poultry Club Presentation by Dr Kathryn Loughlin (Brisbane Bird Vet) 5 October 2013 Notes taken by Cathy Newton Dr Kathryn Loughlin spoke to the meeting about the reproductive system of the hen. There is only one functioning ovary on the left.  This can be seen to be covered by small bumps which are all […]

Silkie broody

Guineafowl drawing by Rachael Eggins

Cinnamon Guinea Fowl

  Cinnamon is a guinea fowl colour that is recognised by the Australian Poultry Standards 2nd ed.  The guinea fowl standard is on pages 322 and 333 and states that for both male and female the plumage is similar to the lavender except that the ground colour is overlaid with a cinnamon dusting.  The eyes […]

Poultry Forums and Communities in Australia

  In the digital age of today online information sharing is supporting the poultry community in their endeavours.  Online communities have inspired and supported a new generation of poultry keepers and breeders across the nation. Here are a few reputable and supportive communities that are free to join and may be of help to poultry […]


Australian Poultry

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