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These tips are to help people who may have had a post or comments removed from facebook. Facebook will not allow S@les or W@nted to B^y post on their platform. Groups that allow those posts get shut down. The big Backyard Poultry group and the Exhibition Poultry Australia (BYP) group do not allow obvious W@anted or S@les posts for live animals or fertile eggs. If you are trying to source p0ultry you can post in a number of other groups or websites if you follow the rules.

  • P0ultry Breeders BYP: Another group with a list of breeders at the top. Breeders also post so scroll or search to look for one you want. You can also post but once again – choose your words carefully. Invite private messages.
  • Cacklebook: This is a social media website where you can post whatever you wish with regard to s@les or w@nted.